Top 28 Beautiful and Popular Types of Pigeons

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top beautiful and popular types of pigeons

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List of Different Types Of Pigeon Breeds

  1. Jacobin Pigeon
  2. Capuchine Pigeon
  3. Hungarian Giant House Pigeon
  4. American Fantail Pigeon
  5. Frillback Pigeon
  6. Pouter pigeons
  7. Modena Pigeons
  8. Saxon Fairy Swallow Pigeons
  9. Archangel Pigeon
  10. Turbit Pigeon
  11. Old German Owl pigeon
  12. Nun pigeon
  13. Budapest Short faced Tumbler
  14. English Short-faced Tumbler
  15. Chinese Own Pigeon
  16. African Owl pigeon
  17. ice pigeon
  18. Lahore pigeon
  19. Racing Homer Pigeon
  20. German Beauty Homer
  21. Tiger Grizzle Pigeon
  22. Giant Runt Pigeon
  23. Carneau pigeon
  24. French Mondain Pigeon
  25. King Pigeon
  26. American Giant Homer Pigeon
  27. Oriental Roller Pigeon
  28. Parlor Roller Pigeon

Ever wondered about types of pigeon Breeds? You might be surprised to learn that these birds, often dismissed as just “winged rats”, are incredibly diverse. In fact, there are over 350 different types of pigeons worldwide, This article will guide you in finding the perfect pigeon breed to complement your style and environment – We have 28 Different types of pigeons in this article!

From the common grayish birds we often see in parks to domestic pigeons with unique colors and features, their variety is astounding. Pigeon breeding, a popular pastime, has also led to the development of around 350 different domestic types.

So, next time you spot a pigeon, remember it’s not just a simple bird. It’s part of a diverse family, with more members than you might think. This article will investigate into the intriguing area of pigeons, exploring their different types and unique features. Buckle up for a journey into the world of these widespread and well-known birds.

Fancy Pigeons: the Most Elegant Types of Pigeons

Fancy Pigeons are specialized breeds cherished by hobbyists and pigeon fanciers. As with dog shows, there are actually competitions for these pigeons where hobbyists can show off their fancy friends. Surprisingly, some people choose to keep these unique birds as pets. The variety among fancy pigeons is astonishing with different breeds such as Pouters, Tumblers, and Owls.

Let’s investigate into the process of buying a fancy pigeon breed. Finding the right breed is simple when you have a clear idea of what you seek. Photos come in handy here; showing a picture of the desired pigeon breed at a pigeon farm can enhance your chances of buying the ideal bird. In today’s digital era, many pigeon farms even sell their birds online. One can review the available options and base their decision on customer reviews to ensure they’re choosing the best seller.

Here’s a markdown table highlighting some specific Fancy breeds and their average cost:

Pigeon BreedAverage Cost
Hungarian Giant House$550
American Fantail$200
Pouter pigeons$400

One breed that stands out among the crowd of fancy pigeons is the Fantail pigeon, a domestic breed primely known for its fan-like tail similar to a turkey’s tail. They sport a whopping 30 to 40 tail feathers, which greatly surpasses the common 12 to 14 tail feathers seen in most pigeons. In respect to their wingspan, they measure anywhere between 25.2” and 28.35”.

Here are the epitomes of ornamental grace, showcasing the elegance and beauty unique to fancy pigeons:

Jacobin Pigeon:

 Jacobin pigeon breeds

The Jacobin pigeon is a distinctive breed known for its hooded appearance, resulting from elongated feathers around the head and neck. This ornamental breed, admired for its unique look rather than flying abilities, has origins dating back to Asia and later became popular in Europe.

Cute Brown Jacobin Pigeon
Instagram @cjacobinur
Pinterest @chovstruktur
Pinterest @chovstruktur

Capuchine Pigeon:

Capuchine Pigeon Breed

The Capuchine Pigeon, notable for its distinctive hood of feathers encircling the head, is a breed that combines elegance with charm. This breed is cherished among pigeon fanciers for its ornamental appearance and gentle temperament, making it a popular choice for shows and as a companion bird.

a beautiful Capuchine Pigeon breed
Instagram @natespigeonportraits
cute Capuchine Pigeon
Instagram @natespigeonportraits
two Capuchine Pigeons
Instagram @life_at_littlemore

Hungarian Giant House Pigeon:

Black Cute Hungarian Giant House Pigeon

The Hungarian Giant House Pigeon is a large breed, known for its impressive size and gentle nature. Originally bred for meat, this breed has also become a favorite among pigeon enthusiasts for its appearance and temperament.

Cute Black Hungarian Giant House
Instagram @heyheiheipigeon
black white Hungarian Giant House
Instagram @heyheiheipigeon
cute brown Hungarian Giant House
Instagram @mighayels_aqua_mala

American Fantail Pigeon:

Beautiful American Fantail Pigeon Type

The American Fantail Pigeon is celebrated for its fan-shaped tail and graceful posture, making it a popular choice among pigeon breeders and show enthusiasts. This breed is known for its friendly nature and striking appearance.

amazing American Fantail Pigeon type
Brown American Fantail Pigeon Type
white American Fantail Pigeon Type

Frillback Pigeon:

Frillback Pigeon Type

The Frillback Pigeon is also Called Curly Pigeon and is known for its unique and beautiful curled feathers on the wings and back, making it a highly ornamental breed. Pigeon fanciers appreciate this breed for its distinctive appearance and gentle demeanour.

Instagram @frillback_q8
Instagram @frillback_q8
Instagram @frillback_ae

Pouter pigeons:

Pouter Pigeon Types

Pouter Pigeons are distinguished by their impressive ability to inflate their crop, creating a unique and striking appearance. This group includes several breeds, all valued for their showy characteristics and diverse sizes and colors.

English Pouter Pigeon Type
Instagram @Keven Wright
English Brown Pouter Pigeon Type
Instagram @Keven Wright
Gaditano Pouter Pigeon Type
Instagram @juliagaditont

Modena Pigeons:

Modena Pigeon Type

The Modena Pigeon, known for its compact, robust body and calm demeanor, is a popular breed among pigeon fanciers for both show and pet purposes. Originating from Italy, this breed showcases a variety of colors and patterns, making it highly sought after for its beauty.

Cute Yellow Modena Pigeon
Instagram @modena4you
Red Modena Pigeon Type
Pinterest @jim.gifford
two cute Modena Pigeons
Instagram @modenadove7

Saxon Fairy Swallow Pigeons:

Saxon Fairy Swallow Pigeon Type

The Saxon Fairy Swallow Pigeon is well known for the odd feathered feet , characterized by its distinctive color patterns and the swallow-like tail. This breed is a favorite among pigeon enthusiasts for its beauty and grace, originating from Germany and valued highly in pigeon shows.

black white Saxon Fairy Swallow
Pinterest @artofpigeons
Brown white Saxon Fairy Swallow
Pinterest @unitedswallowclub
dark brown white Saxon Fairy Swallow
Pinterest @artofpigeons

Archangel Pigeon:

Archangel Pigeon Breed

The Archangel Pigeon, known for its striking metallic sheen and elegant body shape, is a breed highly regarded for its ornamental value. This breed is a favorite for its glossy appearance and poised demeanor, making it a standout in pigeon shows and among enthusiasts.

Beautiful red Archangel Pigeon
Pinterest @PolinaDis.
Cute Metallic Archangel Pigeon
Instagram @jerseysilkies
hand holding Archangel Pigeon
Instagram @jerseysilkies

Turbit Pigeon:

Turbit Breed one of the best Types of Pigeons

The Turbit Pigeon, with its unique blend of elegance and compactness, is celebrated for its frill of feathers on the breast, a lush tuft around the neck, and its characteristic short, stout beak. This breed’s charm is further accentuated by its broad chest, compact body, and a posture that’s as upright as it is proud.

cute turbit pigeon
Pinterest @dkesthete
turbit pigeon in studio
Pinterest @dkesthete
two turbit pigeon
Pinterest @dkesthete

Old German Owl pigeon:

Old German Owl pigeon

The Old German Owl pigeon is a distinguished breed renowned for its resemblance to the Turbit Pigeon. It is the precursor of the short-faced German Shield Owls and gained formal recognition in Germany in 1956.

a Cute Turbit Pigeon
Pinterest @Robert Garcia
Cute Turbit Pigeon in cage
Instagram @turpigonsth455
Turbit Pigeon in wild
Instagram @turpigonsth455

Nun pigeon:

Nun Pigeon Breed

The Nun Pigeon is a fancy breed prized for its distinctive hood of feathers resembling a nun’s habit. Originating from Europe, they’re bred primarily for exhibition and ornamental purposes. Their special feature lies in their hooded appearance, with colors ranging from black, white.

Instagram @nunopigeons
Instagram @nunopigeons
Instagram @nunopigeons

Budapest Short faced Tumbler:

Budapest Short faced Tumbler Breed

The Budapest Short-faced Tumbler is a highly prized pigeon breed, known for its remarkable agility and distinctive appearance, making it a favorite among avian enthusiasts.

Balck Budapest Short faced Tumbler
Instagram @Fritz
Cute Brown Budapest Short faced Tumbler
Instagram @Fritz
Head of Budapest Short faced Tumbler
Instagram @Fritz

English Short-faced Tumbler:

English Short-faced Tumbler

The English Short-faced Tumbler is a highly valued fancy pigeon breed, known for its distinctive appearance and extensive history of selective breeding. Originating from the rock dove, it’s celebrated for both its beauty and its role in pigeon fancying history.

Brown english short faced tumbler in a cage
Pinterest @Noreen-Ohai-Daniels
light Brown english short faced tumbler
Pinterest @Noreen-Ohai-Daniels
Red english short faced tumbler
Pinterest @Noreen-Ohai-Daniels

The main differences between the English Short-faced Tumbler and the Budapest Short-faced Tumbler lie in their origins, appearance, and breeding purposes. The English variety, one of the oldest pigeon breeds, is known for its very short beak. In contrast, the Budapest Short-faced Tumbler, originating from Hungary, typically has a slightly longer beak, Budapest is also relatively small compared to the English Short-faced Tumbler.

Chinese Own Pigeon:

Chinese Owl Breed Pigeon

The Chinese Owl Pigeon, a product of meticulous selective breeding, is a fancy pigeon breed that descends from the rock pigeon. Esteemed for its petite stature and abundant frilled feathers, this breed is characterized by a distinctive ‘chin-crest’ and ‘wind-swept’ rather than ‘curled’ feather appearance. Available in a diverse palette of colors, the Chinese Owl Pigeon captivates enthusiasts with its unique and elegant features.

Pinterest @LisaAdriana
Pinterest @LisaAdriana
Pinterest @LisaAdriana

African Owl pigeon:

 African Owl Breed pigeon

The African Owl pigeon, a fancy breed developed through selective breeding in Tunisia, Africa, is distinguished by its short beak, resembling an owl’s appearance. Imported into England in the 19th century, this breed is celebrated for its unique aesthetics.

cute brown african owl pigeon
Instagram @AmericanPigeon
White African Owl Pigeon
Instagram @AmericanPigeon
White and Black african owl pigeon
Instagram @AmericanPigeon

Ice Pigeon:

The Ice pigeon, recognized for its distinctive “ice-blue” coloration, is a fancy pigeon breed developed from selective breeding in Eastern Germany to Western Poland. Renowned for its pale grey, almost “icy” white appearance under bright light, this breed was part of Charles Darwin’s studies on color patterns before his seminal work, “On the Origin of Species.”

ice pigeon in a cage
Instagram @Zwonitz Show
white ice pigeon
Instagram @Zwonitz Show
white ice pigeon in room
Instagram @Zwonitz Show

Lahore Pigeon:

Lahore pigeon Breed Type

The Lahore pigeon is a fancy breed known for its size and gentle disposition, originating in Lahore, India, and Iran. It measures approximately 26cm tall and 29cm long, with a weight ranging around 250-350g. They have a flying range of about 100 miles and a lifespan of 10-15 years. Notable for its ornamental plumage, Lahore pigeons come in various colors like blue-bar, checkered, and red. They have heavily feathered necks and distinctive markings.

Beautiful Gray Lahore pigeon
Pinterest @nileshnrajput
Lahore pigeon sit on the nest
Pinterest @nileshnrajput
a Red Lahore pigeon Breed
Pinterest @nileshnrajput

Racing and Homing Pigeons: The Elite Athletes Among Pigeon Types

I want to investigate into the intriguing area of Homing Pigeons. Falling under the wider Columbidae family, these birds are distinctly identifiable by their plumage that presents in blue, white, or often, an enchanting combination of both. Yet, it’s not their colors that truly set them apart. Their defining feature lies in the power of their muscles and overall unbeatable flying ability.

Homing pigeons, aptly named because of their profound homing instinct, are trained to return swiftly to their loft once released – a trait that makes them the chosen variety for special events like weddings or sports where bird racing plays a part.

ColorBlue, white, or a combination of both
Distinguishing FeatureStrength of muscles and flying ability
TrainingTrained to return to a loft

In fact, with distinctive bands for their recognition, these birds aren’t just flown for fun, but also found as invaluable companions in competitive pigeon racing events. If a bird finds itself lost, it can be traced through the banding information and returned to its owner – showcasing the dedication and mutual respect between racer and bird.

Moving from racing to messaging, certain breeds of Pigeon, like the Homing Pigeons, have excelled in their flying abilities enough to shoulder the responsibility of carrying messages in the bygone eras. Bold, strong and reliable, it’s little wonder that they earned a sweet spot in history, and in the hearts of many enthralled by their sheer tenacity.

So, as we continue our exploration of pigeon breeds, it’s clear that there’s more to these humble birds than their frequently overshadowed grey city companions would suggest.

Here are the champions of the skies, renowned for their unparalleled speed and navigational skills among racing and homing pigeons:

Racing Homer Pigeon:

racing homer pigeon Type

The Racing Homer Pigeon is a breed renowned for its exceptional homing ability and speed, making it a favorite in pigeon racing and long-distance flying competitions. Originating from selective breeding for enhanced navigation and endurance, these birds are celebrated athletes of the avian world.

head of racing homer pigeon
Pinterest @EugeneMc Master
two Cute racing homer pigeon
Pinterest @EugeneMc Master
white racing homer pigeon
Pinterest @EugeneMc Master

German Beauty Homer:

German beauty homer

The German Beauty Homers are characterized by their fuller, more rounded bodies and a pronounced head, setting them apart as a breed bred for both aesthetics and homing ability. While they maintain the ability to home, their physical traits favor exhibition, with a wide variety of striking color patterns and a more leisurely flight style compared to their racing counterparts.

Brown german beauty homer
Pinterest @Masum
Cute White German beauty homer
Pinterest @Masum
a German beauty homer in a cage
Pinterest @Weebly

Tiger Grizzle Pigeon:

The Tiger Grizzle Pigeon is a striking breed known for its unique color pattern, combining flecks and speckles of contrasting colors that resemble a tiger’s coat. This breed is not only valued for its beauty but also for its flying and homing capabilities, making it a favorite among pigeon fanciers.

a big Tiger Grizzle Pigeon
Original  Tiger Grizzle Pigeon Breed
Instagram @geonman41
Tiger Grizzle Pigeon Wings
Instagram @ManeyPigeons

Utility Pigeons: the Most Versatile and Productive Types of Pigeons

Switching gears, let’s touch on utility pigeons. These aren’t just fancy show birds for hobnobbing at expositions. Rather, they’re robust, hardy breeds bred for functionality and, surprisingly enough, their capacity to produce squabs for consumption.

Here are the pillars of practicality and sustenance, exemplifying the indispensable utility role within the pigeon community:

Giant Runt Pigeon:

giant runt pigeon Breed Type

The heavyweight of the group is The Giant Runt, known for its substantial size, is a pigeon breed engineered through selective breeding for utility and exhibition. Originating from a mix including the original Runt, American breeders have developed this variety to emphasize a broader, more compact frame, showcasing power and mass, distinct from its relatives like the American Giant Tumbler.

Blue giant runt pigeon
Instagram @VáradiMihály
brown white giant runt pigeon
Instagram @VáradiMihály
white giant runt pigeon
Instagram @VáradiMihály

Carneau pigeon:

Carneau pigeon Breed Type

The Carneau pigeon is a robust breed known for its utility in meat production. Originating in France, it’s valued for its large size and gentle nature, making it a popular choice for squab farming. Its calm demeanor and adaptability to captivity have further solidified its status in the culinary world.

Big Carneau pigeon
Pinterest @OisellerieEXO
Big Red Carneau pigeon
Pinterest @OisellerieEXO
Light Brown Carneau pigeon
Pinterest @OisellerieEXO

French Mondain Pigeon:

The Mondain pigeon is another esteemed utility breed, cherished for its substantial size and exceptional meat quality. Originating from France, this breed stands out for its impressive physique and calm temperament, making it a favored choice in squab production. Its significant body mass and efficiency in meat yield have made the Mondain a staple in the culinary pigeon market.

Brown french mondain pigeon
Pinterest @kurtosimondain
french mondain pigeon
Pinterest @FnacyPigeonBreeds
Yellow french mondain pigeon
Pinterest @OisellerieExo

King Pigeon:

king pigeon Breed Type

The King Pigeon is a large, impressive breed, widely recognized for its size and meat production capabilities. Developed in the United States, it is among the largest of pigeon breeds, prized for its substantial size and gentle nature. The King Pigeon’s notable characteristics make it a premier choice for squab production, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and practical utility in the culinary realm.

Big Brown king pigeon
Pinterest @kingpigeons
Black king pigeon in a cage
Pinterest @chrissoto57
Cute white king pigeon
Pinterest @chrissoto57

American Giant Homer Pigeon:

The American Giant Homer Pigeon

The American Giant Homer Pigeon is a breed prized for its substantial size and homing abilities. Originating in the United States, it boasts a robust build and impressive flying range. With a lifespan averaging around 10-15 years, this breed is known for its utility in meat production and its capacity for long-distance flights. It typically displays a range of colors, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Beautiful white american giant homer pigeon
Pinterest @vradimihly
a big white giant homer pigeon
Pinterest @vradimihly
Black and white American giant homer pigeon
Pinterest @vradimihly

Performing Pigeons: High-Flyers, Rollers, and Spinners Unveiled

Welcome to the captivating world of Performing Pigeons, a unique category that showcases the most dynamic and visually stunning Types of Pigeons. Within this realm, you will discover the extraordinary abilities of High-Flyers, Rollers, and Spinners. each group representing the pinnacle of pigeon performance. These breeds not only exemplify the incredible diversity found within the Types of Pigeons but also highlight their remarkable skills, from breathtaking heights to mesmerizing aerial acrobatics.

Performing Pigeons are not just birds; they are artists of the sky, each breed contributing its unique brushstroke to the canvas of avian performance. The High-Flyers soar to impressive altitudes, defying limits with their endurance.

Dive into the world of Performing Pigeons, and let your heart take flight with these incredible Types of Pigeons. Discover the beauty that lies in their wings, the rhythm in their movement, and the stories they tell as they navigate the boundless sky.

Here are the standout performers that embody the spirit and skill of the performing pigeon world:

Oriental Roller Pigeon:

oriental roller pigeon

The Oriental Roller is celebrated for its remarkable acrobatic flight capabilities, performing flips and rolls with ease and elegance. Originating from the Near East, this breed combines beauty with performance, offering a mesmerizing display of aerial agility that sets it apart from other pigeon breeds.

Big oriental roller pigeon
Instagram @pigeonpedia
Original oriental roller pigeon
Instagram @pigeonpedia
a Cute Oriental roller pigeon in a Cage
Instagram @rasmussenlofts

Parlor Roller Pigeon:

an amazing Parlor Roller Pigeon Breed

Unlike its high-flying counterparts, the Parlor Roller pigeon is known for its unique ability to roll along the ground rather than in the air. This breed showcases a fascinating ground performance, rolling backwards for considerable distances, a trait that distinguishes it within performing pigeon circles.

a Parlor Roller Pigeon in a cage
Instagram @PigeonsFal
Beautiful Parlor Roller Pigeon
Instagram @PigeonsFal
Two Parlor Roller Pigeons
Instagram @PigeonsFal

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Roller and Spinner pigeons?

Roller and Spinner pigeons are captivating breeds known for their aerial acrobatics. Among these, the Birmingham Roller is popular for mid-air spins and tumbles, reaching speed up to 60 mph. Armenian Tumblers, Galatz Rollers, Serbian Highflyers, and Parlor Tumblers are also showcased in this category.

What makes the Birmingham Roller special?

The Birmingham Roller dates back to the 1800s and is praised for its remarkable flight performances. It can perform impressive mid-air spins and tumbles and reach speeds of up to 60 mph during flight.

Can fancy pigeons like the Jacobin or Frillback be kept as pets, or are they just for shows?

While fancy pigeons like the Jacobin and Frillback are often kept for shows due to their unique appearances, they can also make great pets.

Can I keep different breeds of pigeons together, such as Modena and Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeons?

Different breeds of pigeons can generally be kept together if they have similar care needs and temperament.

Can I keep pigeons if I live in an apartment?

Keeping pigeons in an apartment may be challenging due to space and local regulations. It’s essential to have an appropriate space like a balcony that can be safely enclosed and to check with local ordinances regarding keeping pigeons.

Do pigeons need vaccinations?

Yes, pigeons can benefit from vaccinations against common diseases. Consult with a veterinarian who specializes in birds for a vaccination schedule.

How can I participate in pigeon racing or shows?

To get involved in pigeon racing or shows, connect with local pigeon clubs or associations. They can provide information, resources, and support for new enthusiasts.

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